Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 24&25- Arbonne 30 day challenge

I caught myself at Trader Joes AGAIN. I go so many times a week (in addition to Costco). However, I realized that it wasn't exactly a bad thing. ALL of my food is fresh produce unlike echem, someone else that I live with, who msotly has dry goods and processed stuff (I love you babe, just sayin'...)

Day 24
6 days to go
Weight: I wasn't going to weigh myself until Friday, but I couldn't help but get on the scale. I am the same as I have been.

I had a really hard time staying on my eating plan at the end of the day because I was on the go. I had a dr appointment and then hit the gym really hard. I asked Molly if it was okay to eat a shake for a meal instead of a full meal. She said that was perfectly fine. My day on Monday went like this...
Eating plan:
11-balanced salad (shrimp,spinach,almonds,mushroom,olive oil, quinoa)
530-5oz shrimp (went to Whole Foods and got shrimp from their shrimp bar)
7-balanced shake. (Was on the go and it was the easiest thing to do)
10-was hungry and grabbed the first thing in site: a handful of almonds.

Day 25
5 days to go

Weight: I was trying not to weigh myself but...I did. I was up a lb. VERY frustrating! I feel like I've barely lost in two weeks. Since Thanksgiving (okay so that's really only a week and a half) I just went up 2 lbs, down 2 lbs and back up a lb. Oy! So, I tweeted this morning, "Woke up on the wrong side of the scale!" I was in such a bad mood this morning.

Eating Plan today:
7am-  receovery shake (after cardio barre)
8:15am- balanced shake
11am- salad with chicken, berries and apples (carbs), nuts and olive oil (fat) and also threw in some mushrooms and peppers. It was a very random salad lol.
2:30pm- Sautted mushrooms, spinach, shrimp, olive oil and pine nuts (no carbs on accident)
6:30- balanced shake
---I did have a few nibbles or quinoa and apples tonight while I was making my quinoa/rice stuffing for a salad for tomorrow's potluck.

Well...all I can say if that I did everything near perfect today. I hope it shows sooner rather than later super soon!

Do you guys weigh yourself daily?Weekly? Monthly? I feel like I HAVE to weigh

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