Monday, December 24, 2012

Day one of our winter cruise: Fit Girl Style

Yesterday was our first day on our annual cruise. I've "dieted" many times over on cruises but thus year is different. It's not that I'm dieting, it's that I've made a completely lifestyle change.

On this vacation I'm determined to eat clean, stay focused and workout daily. So, here's how my first day went:

I started my morning out with my normal protein shake, fruit and nuts. I packed my bag full of all ingredients so that I'd have no reason to fall off track while away.

Once we got on board, what is the center of focus for the next week? Food! So, off to the buffet with 14 family members. I got immediately frustrated bc none of the protein was gluten free. I had a whimsy salad with beans, grilled veggies, lox and deli turkey (eeks) and an apple. After I finished up, I decided to have a protein shake to hold me over .

My family gathered and relaxed in the sun until after we left and then it was gym time! I headed to the gym and realized that my iPod was dead and the speakers on the TVs didn't work that well-- not too great for cardio for this girl! So, I hopped off of the treadmill and grabbed a bosu ball and weights. I did a modified version of the holiday hottie workout. I added the bosu ball for squats and weight work to add an extra challenge. I only did a 25 min workout and was dripping sweat. I left feeling super proud.

Dinner was most certainly a challenge. I did however have help from a dietary specialist who lets me know what's gluten and dairy free. She helps you customize items so that you can still enjoy.

Apps: sushi (asparagus and portobello mushroom) and shrimp cocktail

Soup: gazpacho

Dinner: tilapia, grilled veggies and carrots (in a honey sauce? Sugar?) and asparagus. I housed my entire meal. I was absolutely starving when it came.

Fruit: berries and tea

All in all-- I did a great job, I just had a LOT more food than usual.

Today we are in Key West (hence why I'm still updating). I plan on hanging out with family at the bars and doing a lot of walking. After, I'll either put on my running shoes and pound the pavement or do a workout in the gym.

Have a happy and healthy holiday if you're celebrating!

Ps: I also signed up for 2 spin classes while on board! I'll let ya know how it is!

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