Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Party at Fit Girl!

Let me start by saying that I've felt pretty craptastic the past three days. I don't think it's the flu because it's just that my tummy feels yuck! But, I took off today to just rest all day after waking up and having a horrendous stomach ache. With that said, after resting all day- a night at the studio was exactly what I needed (at least I hope my body agrees with that in the morning!).

Party at FG:

Fit girls know how to make working out FUN! Period!
Katy, Siobhan and Amy- awesome Fit Girls!

Gap Fit Takeover~!

Not to mention, that the Gap Fit studio takeover was still in full force! Free classes and free workout pants for every participant sponsored by Gap Fit! So many new faces! I loved it!

Michelle taught a spin party tonight! My friend, Lauren, joined me and we had a blast. It was a challenging endurance ride filled with dancing and swayin'. But, the ending was the best..Did you ever have a teacher end the day with freeze dance (my old elementary students favorite!) or a dance party? Personally, my students love to end with song requests in circle time. Wellll... Michelle ended the class with class choice! She walked around asking for a move for the next 30 seconds! I was up first and called out "around the world jumps!" We also did races, a hill and dancing in 2! It was a sweaty, dancing, spinning blast! Thanks for SUCH a fun class!!

After class, I started home but got to the corner to realized "My running shoes are getting wet from the snow..." Duh! My boots were still at the studio! I headed back to grab them when the girls all informed me that there was space in restorative yoga! Ohhh finnneee – I'll stay if I have to!

Right before class though, I had TWO girls come up to me individually and say "I see you every class and you're SO good! You're such an inspiration! "Well, that made my night! I had to stay for class then… :-)

Kristina's class was a relaxing way to end my day. Now off to shower and get to bed. Here's to hoping whatever's goin on with my stomach leaves me alone tomorrow!

Night, fit girls!

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