Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cooking with coconut flour

Today was my first attempt at cooking with coconut flour! After my first few months of being gluten free (years ago) I kind of gave up on my adventures in gluten-free baking. But, I heard all about these wonderful coconut flour pancakes that were Paleo friendly. So, I headed to Whole Foods and picked up some coconut flour!

This morning, I decided to give the pancakes a shot! Kelly had a recipe on her site and I followed that. I think I did something wrong because my first try the batter was a cookie dough consistency mess! I added more coconut milk and more and more! I burned a bunch on a too-hot pan and filled my kitchen sigh smoke! Finally, I decided to tahr a break. I put the batter in the fridge and figured I would try it again later. Then, I headed out to the studio for spin shed.

When I got home, I got out the batter and added more coconut milk. Finally, I got the tight consistency! The only problem now, they were kinda crumbling apart. I probably could've added another egg.

I had a few pancakes come out right! I topped them with a smidge of almond butter and a drizzle of raw honey.

I had a ton of batter left over so I hit creative and pulled out my muffin tins! I poured the batter into the tins, added frozen berries and coconut shreds. Viola- coconut berry muffins. They came out pretty good! I need to play with this recipe a bit more! Since I'm on a roll, ill be sure to post the perfected recipe soon!

In summary... Sometimes baking gluten free can be tough. Ingredients are often expensive and it gets really frustrating feeling like you've wasted time and money. Always try to save your recipe even if it means playing with it or converting it into something else. Hey, you never know what deliciousness you might end up creating! ;)

Do you bake with coconut flour? If so, what is your favorite recipe?!

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