Thursday, January 10, 2013

FG Studio spin classes are UNREAL!

Can we just take a moment to talk about how amazing Fit Girl Studio's spin classes are?

You may have noticed by now that the spin classes are most certainly my favorite. I thought that I'd be addicted to barre but when I realized how great the spin classes were, I was hooked! I don't know how to explain it... I took spin are all of my other gyms. I  liked the classes and I went often. But, they were nowhere NEAR as amazing as the classes at Fit Girl are!

From the sway bikes (with comfy seats), killer music, dancing ON the bikes, energetic and motivating instructors and great clients- the spin classes at Fit Girl are THE BEST that I've ever taken!

Two classes this week that rocked:

Betsey's Spin Class
-Betsey did a workout that I've NEVER done before! She told us at the beginning that we were going to do a pyramid and that it would take the whole class. She warned us that it sounded boring but that it would be fabulous. She also gave us a fair warning, "I'm in full-on bridal mode! This means, that all of you lovely ladies get to reap the benefits of my intense workouts!" YESSSSSS!!!!
The pyramid went something like this:
60 seconds hard climb in position 1
60 seconds hard climb in position 3
60 seconds sprint in position 1
--we continued this for 50,45,30,20,10 and then back up! It was AMAZING! 

Michelle's SpinShred class
-Michelle, the owner of Fit Girl Studio, is the epitome of a great instructor! She motivated you, talks you through the workouts (to make time pass more quickly!) and incorporates fun moves into a class that COULD otherwise be mundane (oh, trust me...I've taken boring spin classes at other gyms before).
Tonight, we did a 3-4 minute climb. Each minute as added a little bit on. We kept our RPMs above 50 (mine were around 60) the entire ride. Even as it got harder, our goal was to keep that number. I looked at Kate (a fellow Fit Girl) after class and said, "OMG! I want GRUNTING during that endurance climb. It was an intense workout!" Well done, Michelle; my body loves and hates me all the same time right now!

On that note, if it isn't full already- CHECK OUT A FREE SPIN CLASS AT FIT GIRL STUDIO (LINCOLN PARK) ON SUNDAY 1/13 AT 9:30 A.M. !! I'm bringing a friend to class and cannot wait to show her what it's all about!

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