Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Grocery Shopping while eating CLEAN!

I've had quite a few people ask my questions about what I eat and if it's expensive. I have also had some requests for lists of what I buy at certainly stores.

First, cost:
Shopping, for me, is more expensive that it used to be. However, I'm really conscious of what goes in my body and I refuse to put junk in my body any longer. I go to the grocery store about twice a week. I do a big trip and then always seem to run out of something or want to pick up just one more thing. I spend on average about $70-80 a week for myself (my husband doesn't eat much of "my food"). This is not including protein shakes, which I have been slowing down on and doing just for recovery. Some weeks I spend more depending on if I'm stocking back up on something or not.

Where do I shop:
I generally shop only at Trader Joe's (the bulk of my shopping), Whole Foods (a few speciality products) and Costco (some produce when I can get there and when I stock up on proteins).

What do I buy:
When I'm explaining to people WHAT and HOW I eat, I summarize it by saying, "I cut out wheat/gluten, grains, soy, sugar, dairy, caffiene and generally all processed foods. I do however eat proteins, veggies, fruits and LOTS of healthy fats (nuts, avocado and oils)." By eating lots of healthy fats, you need to cut down on something else to balance it out and I eat lower carbs (no grains or legumes). With that said, I do get a LOT of carbs in from fruits and veggies. Don't be fooled. You can QUICKLY rack up carbs from fruits (and even over-do it!).

Grocery lists:
-These are a general list of items that I purchase from various stores.

Trader Joe's
organic spinach lettuce
butternut squash (Whole or already cubed)
bag of organic granny smith apples (much more fresh than their other Fuji organic apples)
organic blueberries
pear apples
Shredded bussel sprouts
Spaghetti squash (when they have in stock)
avocados (I switch back and forth between the bags and single avocados. The bags always seem to be too hard and then all turn ripe and the same time)

Cold cases-
cage free organic eggs
grass fed bed 85/15
nitrate free bacon
applegate farms chicken breast (usually pick up in case I'm in a bind)
Kerrygold butter (new on my list. source of vitamin K2 and very easy on the dairy side)
Prosciutto  (look for the kind without sugar)
Smoked salmon

On the shelf-
organic, no salt added, diced tomatoes
minced garlic
raw walnuts
raw almonds
raw pine nuts
raw slivered almonds
raw honey
coconut milk (TJ brand- vanilla and unsweetened)
almond milk (pacific brand- vanilla)
Coconut oil (in a jar. it's solid at room temp and must be heated to melt.)
White Truffle Oil
canned organic pumpkin
organic unsweetened applesauce

 Crunchy (less watery) unsaletd Almond Butter


Chili Lime Chicken burgers
Seafood blend
Frozen shrimp
Wild salmon filet
sweet potatoes ( they come in frozen "picks" that are clean and make mashed sweet potatoes easily!)
fire roasted peppers and onions
frozen spianch
frozen broccoli
frozen mango chunks
frozen organic spinach

Whole foods:
I only shop here for fill-ins. I find TJ to be a lost less expensive, generally speaking. This list is short; I'm sure I'll think of other things! I do LOVE their shrimp bar ;)

Unsweetened coconut chips (found in the baking aisle by Let's do Organic)
coconut flour
Hemp seed (shelled)

Costco is AMAZING for produce! They don't have too many organic options but I do buy some things there!

Large tub of organic spinach
mini sweet bell peppers
Frozen shrimp
Frozen organic berries
Frozen Empire kosher chicken
mahi-mahi frozen
organic free range beef
wild salmon (cut up in smaller portions and freeze)
water! (I know, It's not Eco-friendly)
Trio of olive oils (basil, chili and garlic)

Whew!! That was a lot! I hope this gives you a better idea of what I eat and how you can eat CLEAN and maybe even Paleo!

Thanks to Kelly, Jennifer and Molly for assisting me over the past few months on my nutrition aspect! It's constant work in progress. You have to do what is right for YOU and YOUR body! For ME this is the first time that my stomach doesn't hurt, I'm not starving or eating pre-packaged foods and actually losing weight by simply working out and eating right.

I want to leave you on a final note...
I often see posts on Twitter about people asking, "Is this healthy?" or "Give me some healthy meal ideas!" I want to remind you that "healthy" is all relative and means something different to each person. My vision of healthy is not the same as a vegan of vegetarians. Someone may think eating low-fat and sugar-free is "healthy" and in my mind it is most certainly not. We're all at different stages in our nutrition journey and you need to remember that. The one thing that IS a one-size-fits-all eating plan/diet (ewww-the dirty D word) /lifestyle is CLEAN EATING. Figure out what works for you continue on your journey :)

If you have any clean eating products that you buy and think should make the list- LET ME KNOW! I'd love to hear what goes in your shopping cart!

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