Thursday, January 10, 2013

FREE DAYS at Fit Girl Studio! Jan. 29/30 !

Mark your calendars:
January 29th and 30th...
Fit Girl Studio is teaming up with GAP for FREE DAYS!
The icing on the cake?
GAP is giving out a FREE pair of GAP Fit pants to EVERY Fit Girl that participates in a fitness class!

What could be even better?
Fit Girl Studio is amping up the classes and offering triple what they normally do to make sure that all the Fit Girls in Chicago get to check out the amazingness that is FIT GIRL STUDIO!

If you're already a member, it's free for your as well. Bring a friend, or three, and checkout what's new at Fit Girl Studio! Class schedules and more details are coming soon. Stay tuned to or follow Fit Girl Studio on Facebook!

1 comment:

  1. WHAT! That's amazing! Maybe we will even be a smaller size by then ;) let us know all the details!