Tuesday, January 15, 2013

...because it's cheaper than therapy! (& THANK YOU!)

...or something like that!

I had a rough day at work! I'm a special education teacher for early childhood students (3,4,&5 year olds). Between the fevers, bloody noses and accidents (#1 AND #2-ugh!) it was a LONG day!

I was signed up for spin class but earlier in the day, I changed my mind and switched to barre. By the time that bell rang for dismissal, I KNEW that I NEEDED some seriously cardio to get out my frustration tonight. The spin class was full now, BUMMER!! So, I headed to the studio earlier for ballet body bootcamp (BBBC) with Amy!

I haven't taken classes with Amy in a while and it was nice to take one! Amy has seen me on my journey from day one and knows how much my fitness level has changed. She knows when to let me be because I'm trying my hardest and when to push my butt (sometimes literally) just a bit more! I had sent Amy a tweet that talked about burpees being the best full-body cardio exercise. Today, during class, she proclaimed, "SOMEONE told me that burpees are the BEST full body workout exercise! I don't know who it was though..." Then, she winked at me. Oy! I was annoyed during that 8 round tabata exercise of burpees (8 rounds of 20 seconds of burpees with 10 seconds off) but I still had to laugh. I love my classes!

After BBBC, I checked to see if there was an open bike in spin. There was! Things work out in fabulous ways! Now, I know that I'm supposed to be cutting down my workouts but my body was CRAVING this today so I did it!ays

Spin with Betsey was fabulous, as usual! It was an endurance ride that challenged us, for sure! I was dripping sweat and pushed myself to the limits in class.

At the end of the night, I came home, cooked a clean dinner and am now relaxing watching The Biggest Loser.

I've posted this before, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of those helping me and supporting me on my fitness and nutrition journey. I have an ARMY helping me along the way and I truly wouldn't be building myself up to the best that I can be without you all! Thanks Michelle and all the girls at Fit Girl Studio (too many to list!), Kelly with Paleo Infused Nutrition, Jennifer and Molly with Arbonne, my amazing husband and all of my friends and family who put up with my list of "things I don't eat" and always keep my goals in mind! I love you ALL xo!

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