Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spin Flow- Where the sweat is flowin'

Class Review: Spin Flow
Instructor: Michelle P.
Description: A Fit Girl fave! An exciting 40 min ride followed by strong flow yoga . Our 75 min fitness fusion will leave you feeling stronger, longer, and leaner. Total Body Success!

I was signed up for Spin Shred (my favorite class at Fit Girl Studio) when I saw that Michelle had added a new class on the same day: Spin Flow. I IMMEDIATELY got on my FGS App. and changed my class to Spin Flow. Now, I've never been a Yoga fan (and I hadn't taken Yoga Flow) so I wasn't really sure what to expect.

The spin portion was GREAT. Michelle is ALWAYS so motivating and makes the moves fun. I am drenched every time I ride with her and smile the entire time with her funny remarks. Today's Favorite:
-after we finished a set of sprints on a hill and we were all huffing and puffing and "water and towel (ing) off" We must've looked like we never wanted to get back to work-
Michelle looks at us and says, "Okay really, now let's get back to work..."

After the spin portion, we headed into the barre studio and grabbed a towel and a mat. The Yoga portion was a constant movement between poses -flow-(different than the restorative yoga class that I often take and more like Yoga Sculpt). I actually knew a lot of the poses/postures from taking Yoga Sculpt. It was challenging and I was instantly sweating.

So- we started with hardcore spin, another strength/cardio-burst and ended with a beautiful cool-down of yoga and meditation. It was an AWESOME class. Michelle did a GREAT job and I cannot wait for Spin Flow to come back to Lincoln Park!

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