Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fit Girl Studio-summary of classes

Even after 3 months of consistent workouts at Fit Girl, Cardio Barre still kicked my butt tonight! But, I had a blast. The room was PACKED for FREE Cardio Barre tonight! Some faces were familiar and many were new . And THAT excites me! I LOVE seeing others find out how amazing, wonderful and addicting Fit Girl workouts are!

I overheard a bunch of people tonight, new clients, talking about how "hard" classes are. I even heard someone say, "It's more likely that I'll become the president of our country than be a fan of spin classes." "REALLY?!," I thought.

So, here's a quick summary on the classes offered at Fit Girl Studio:

Spin: 45 minutes on the sway bikes. It's great for all levels!
SpinShred: 60 minutes- 20 on the bike, 20 in the studio doing cardio and strength (weights) training. It's challenging but goes by very quickly because it's split up. This is my favorite class because I LOVE spin!
SpinFlow: 40 minutes on the spin bike and 35 minutes in the studio doing yoga flow. I have only taken it once but it was fabulous.

Barre: 60 minutes. It's a SLOW class and some don't like slow. It is about micro-movements and fatiguing muscles and immediately stretching them out as you go. You typically focus on thighs, glutes and abs.
CardioBarre: 45 minutes. Bursts of cardio (some tabata movements), strength training and barre (micro movements barre) mixed in.
Ballet Body Bootcamp: 45minutes. Honestly, not too much to do with ballet- it's cardio barre on steroids...and I love it! It's a hardcore bootcamp class. You'll sweat, work all muscles in your body and leave feeling amazing. It's a challenge but it makes you want to work harder!

Restorative Yoga: very easy 60 minutes of meditative and stretching yoga. Great addition to your weekly routine or to finish after a barre or spin class.
Sculpt Fusion Yoga: 45 minutes. Yoga poses, flowing with weights.There are some cardio bursts. Full-body toning.
Yoga Flow: 60 minutes. It's vinyasa-style and consistent flow through movements.

So, have it! If you're on the fence about committing to a membership...TRY our the free classes. TRY the $20 week unlimited! Go to as many classes as you can and see how you like it. The studio is such a welcoming place that it makes you want to keep going back. Try new classes even if you think you don't like them! Challenge yourself! You'll get in great shape, have fun, meet new Fit Girl friends and live the Fit Girl slogan, "Love you workout, love your body!"

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

Have fun, Fit Girls and I'll see you at the studio!

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