Thursday, January 3, 2013

If You're Happy and You Know It!

MY big-picture goals are:
to live a
&fit life.
So often in our lives, we are just gliding along and forgetting to be appreciative for the little things. We talk about LIVING IN THE MOMENT and BEING PRESENT. In a time a multi-tasking and "I want it now!"--it's hard to step back and see the little miracles that all build together to create an overall happy life.

Oprah talks about creating a gratitude journal and keeping track of the small things in like that you're thankful for.

I saw a really cute idea of keeping track of the little things that bring joy to your life each day: A Happiness Bucket! One of my fellow #fitfam #fitties posted their "Good Moments of 2013" bucket. The ideas is that you write something good that happens to you and put it in the bucket. At the end of the year, you read all of the things that happened to you and reminisce about the good things!
By @fabulousfitty

While I do LOVE this cute bucket- I'm a little bit too Type-A to have things in a bucket and folded up! So, I bought a planner (kind of like the concept of a journal) and will write down something each day that made me happy! I started my journal for the year....

Happiness Journal 2013 by Fit Girl in Progress

Do you keep a journal? Do you write in it daily? What other ways do you keep track of the small joys in your life? Let us know!

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