Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top 10 reasons why my "gym" is better than yours!

I'm reminded each time I head to Fit Girl Studio how LUCKY I am to have found such an awesome place! Here are just a few reasons why my "gym" is better than yous... (side-note: I use the word gym in quotations because FG is SO much more than just a gym or studio!)

Top 10 reasons why my "Gym" is better than yours:

10.    No intimidating gym equipment to guide yourself through.
9.     Clean locker-room, showers and free lockers. No need to bring your middle-school master-lock.
8.      The studio doubles as cute boutique with items from GiGi Botega (dangerous!) for your shopping pleasure.
7.     The most comfortable spin bikes that I've ever been on! Do your spin bikes sway? Can you dance on them and do push-ups? Yeah, mine can!
6.     You can bring out your inner-ballerina in a judgement-free zone!
5.     1 free class a week (or so) so that you can bring your friends and show them how awesome Fit Girl Studio is! Free? Yeah, I'm serious- Free!
4.     Great workshops on shaping the whole Fit Girl- fitness AND nutrition workshops.
3.      Motivating instructors who know their stuff!
2.      "...Where everybody knows your name." The instructors and staff (and clients for that matter) make it  a point to learn your name! They greet you with smiles and really CARE about the clients!
1.     Classes are FUN! The slogan at Fit Girl is "Love your workout- love your body!" I LOVE working out and never want to take a rest-day. That in itself says something!

If you haven't taken at class at Fit Girl Studio yet- what are you waiting for?!

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