Saturday, February 23, 2013

Do all things with passion or not at all

I was reminded of this quote today during barre class. Andi was teaching this morning and when she teaches, she simply exudes passion and enthusiasm. Andi smiles during the entire class and shows that she truly loves teaching the barre method to others. You can hear the excitement in her voice. It makes me push harder and want to be as positive as her.

But, the thing is-- all of the instructors at Fit Girl Studio are this way! The Fit Girl Studio instructors are all passionate about what they teach. They head to class with original playlists, choreography and other additions that make class more fun and exciting. From new ways to use the sway bikes or green balls to dance moves on the bike and team "races" during a spin class.

I've come to LOVE Fit Girl Studio as a second home and this is exactly why. I couldn't IMAGINE working out anywhere else at this point. Why would you choose to head to a big gym with instructors that simply head in to give you a quick workout and don't even know your name?! At Fit Girl, the ladies take the time to learn your name and instead of feeling like they're there to just do a "job" (and give you a quick workout) it feels like they're there with you to get a great/fun workout on!

Thanks Fit Girl for giving me the remind today to... Do everything with passion or not at all. I'm ready for another awesome workout in the morning!

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