Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Fit Girls (in progress) and Fit Guys (in progress)...I'm here to remind you that...


Over the past few weeks, I've been fighting some kind of cold or bug or something. Being a teacher, of the little little ones, it seems like this cold-thing is never ending. It seems like I just won't ever get rid of it. With that said, I decided that I couldn't possibly give-up on my workouts until I'm 100% better but rather take a class that I felt I could go more at my own pace: spin. I have a confession: Over the past 3 weeks...I've basically taken ONLY spin classes... GASPPPPPPPPPPPPP. I know!! I know!!! What was I think?!?! I wasn't!!

I decided to get my butt back into other classes today and went straight to Fit Girl Studio and took the creme-de-la-creme of other classes (non-spin): Ballet Body Bootcamp.

I was instantly reminded of how much I've let my muscle tone, flexibility and strength go over the past few weeks. Sure, I have endurance. In fact, during mountain climbers I felt like I could continue all night. But, I could barely squat and certainly couldn't hold a releve on the barre with weights. Basically, it felt like it was my very first BBBC EVER! It wasn't a good feeling.

I felt frustrated with my body in the mirror (my muscles have certainly changed and I felt a little "fluffy"). I felt annoyed that I couldn't do things that I ROCKED at just a month ago. Finally, I felt embarrassed. I wasn't embarrassed that others would think things about me- I was embarrassed for myself. I have worked so hard to get where I am and now I slid back a few notches.

::::taking a deep breath (in through my nose. out through my mouth):::::

I WILL get back at it. Actually, I'm already back at it. I WILL get back to where I was and then even further. I just need to stay consistent.

My suggestions to you if you're struggling with your routine is to make sure to stick with it. I don't care what IT it is - just stick with it! Make sure that you're not blocking yourself into a corner by only doing cardio or strength. I know from LOTS of personal experience that you NEED both to get to YOUR optimal position.

So, after reading this, I need you to promise me one thing (well, it's kind of two things).
I need you to say this with me: 

I KNOW that you can do it! I KNOW that I can do it! And, I believe in us both! Believe in yourself, too!

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