Sunday, February 10, 2013

...I get it from my mama!

This weekend my mom was in Chicago visiting me (and early birthday celebration). My mom is in shape and works out every morning while at home. She walks on the treadmill and lifts weights. In the past few years she ran her first 5k, tried her first Bikram class, did a bootcamp and ....tried SPIN with me at Fit Girl!

I was SO excited when my mom said, "YES!" trying a spin class with me at my beloved FG! I figured spin would be the best class to test out. It's easy to go at your own pace and you don't feel like everyone is staring at you if you can't do exactly what the instructor is asking.

We went to Sarah's spin class on Saturday and got there a bit early. Sarah helped my mom set her bike up and I grabbed our waters. I also noticed that a fellow Fit Girl, Melissa, had brought her mom to spin as well! I said to the girls, "It must be: Bring Yo Mama to Spin Day!" Sarah replied, "Yeah- if you give me any trouble, I'm turnin' you over to your mother!"

My mom worked SO hard in class. She did nearly every move (even jumps!). I think I spent the whole class looking at my mom and smiling with pride. I love seeing my family work towards keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for a great class, Sarah! And, Michelle- mama is pretty adorable! ;) Love you, mom!

If your mom is looking for a way to get into fitness and is at a bit of a loss...head to Fit Girl Studio and try out Spin!

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