Monday, April 15, 2013


 ...for newbies and avid spinners alike!

Head up, eyes forward (or closed) and chin up
-as soon as you look downward on the cycle your entire body starts to lose correct posture. Start with holding your head high and proud!

Shoulders down and back
-physically do exactly what you read , "shoulders down and back.." It will help keep tension away from your beck and shoulders.

Feet flat (toes should not be pointed forward)
Pointing your toes can cause serious damage to your ankles. It also works the front park of your legs- which from my experience- most people don't care to work out the front of their calves ;). Keep those keep flat and work those calf muscles, baby!

Back straight
- it bugs me so much (mostly because it looks painful) when people crunch up, curve their backs and hunch over their cycle! Ouch! You're holding tension in your shoulders and back. You WILL be sore after if you do this. Keep yourself long and lean!

Watch your resistance!
-too much and you're straining your knees. I've done it. It kills later. Resistance should feel challenging but never HURT, if you don't put on enough resistance, your heart rate will slow and you're not getting your best workout in!

Use your abs!
-use your abs to help hold you up. Never rely on your arms to carry you. Weight should always be in your legs and supported by your lovely abs!

- this should be a given BUT... Each time you take a recovery break make sure to drink water and keep yourself going strong.

Sprint with resistance
-I KNOW that it's more enticing to sprint with low resistance but you shouldn't...for a few reasons. Sprinting without resistance puts a lot of work on your knees and you can find yourself spinning out of control-quite literally. Additionally, you're not getting the benefits of the cardio workout if you're just spinning away on air (without a resistance).

and most importantly:
Spinning should be a FUN workout and never painful! Take it to YOUR limit and get a great workout in!

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