Sunday, April 14, 2013

Barre with Mindy!

I took my first barre class with our new Fit Girl, Mindy! My cousin has taken classes with Mindy at another studio and have me a heads up on how amazingly killer has workouts are.

As my readers know, I've been slacking hardcore in the #barre department ! I was in for a treat!

Mindy used my most loved and hated "prop" for the entire class.. The little green ball! She Also reminded us that the ball is there to add challenge and never make it easier . I had to laugh, because although that was a totally new concept to some... My body knew the truth of this quite well!

I'd have to say that the abs section was the most challenging. The reason? We worked our legs SO hard during class that it was difficult to even hold my legs in tabletop or straight up during c curve sit-ups. But, I did it.

If you're up for a challenging workout with the feeling of immediate results (shaking legs, sore arms and abs on fire) then hit up Mindy's class in Lincoln Park or Evanston!

Ps: welcome to Fit Girl Studio, Mindy!

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