Saturday, April 6, 2013

Life gives you lemons...

I've had a MILLION reasons why I haven't had success in my fitness and nutrition goals lately. Am I far from my goals? No. Am I far from sticking to my plan? No. But, there are a few things that I've realized today as I went yet another day without working out...

Yes, we all need rest days. I couldn't do my cardio with stitches in my foot and leg. But, I could've done abs or arms. Yes, I need to take time off when I get the flu. But, it's not an excuse to start eating anything I want. Don't use things in your life as a crutch. If you need, jot down a quick note of what you CAN DO even with your excuse (injury, time, money, work, etc). We can do MUCH more than we think we can- you just need to REALLY want to get it done.

It's ALL of those LITTLE things that pile up together and create who you are, where you're going and if you're going to reach your goals or not. That one piece of candy (even if it's "clean"), that extra ginger ale (after you're already feeling better), that one extra day off (after doing nothing and continuing to do nothing...), circling around to find a close parking spot (instead of just taking the one at the end of the parking lot which would add a bit of extra exercise) and so on and so forth. All of these little (daily) choices make a huge difference in making YOU the BEST YOU possible. DON'T EVER DOUBT THAT!

3. FAILURE TO PREPARE is PREPARING TO FAIL (and so is not sticking to the plan)
My biggest problem lately (aside from using medical excuses that drag on) is NOT planning. I was SUCH a great planner for MONTHS and I saw HUGE improvements. However, when I had my stitches, I got laxed. I started running out for breakfast or lunch. I started relying on snack bars. And while I was still eating "clean", I wasn't eating balanced and my body knew the difference. I got used to regular workouts and just putting in workouts sporadically certainly aren't helping me get to my goals. With that said...don't forget to keep up both ends of this bargain: PLAN and STICK TO THE PLAN!

These tips can be used in ALL arenas of your life (I know that I could use these concepts with more than just the fitness and nutrition aspects of my life)

And on a final note...
When life gives you lemons- make apple juice and leave people wondering how you did it!

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