Monday, April 22, 2013

One workout away from a good mood

OK, let's get the complainer/annoying/whiney stuff out of the way: I had a pretty craptastic day. It started out bad, I was tired and annoyed all day and dealing with random drama. So, after work I did something that I haven't done in a while (although I have been eating a lot of sugar...): emotionally ate. I went to the produce market to get some fruits/veggies and then to Whole Foods. In my car, on the way home, I totally full-out binged. NOOOO!!!! I ate a Carol's gluten free cookie and a Swirlz (gluten free/vegan...but soy containing) cupcake-- then some maple covered almonds. Generally clean food? Yes. Absolutely horrible choice? Yes. I don't typically feel "bad" about what I eat anymore. If i want something, I eat it. But when you do something like binge or eat a bunch of junk just's a pretty crappy feeling. I came home and wanted to cry. I told my husband how miserable I was and that I thought I'd just stay in on this beautiful afternoon/evening and lay in bed (and cry).  I was annoyed because I spent too long grocery shopping that I missed sculpt yoga and barre- AND spin was full! day turned around!!

I checked the Fit Girl Studio app one more time and saw that there was an opening in spin for 6:30. The clock read 6:22. I have 8 minutes to change, RUN to the studio and get on the cycle. And THAT my friends is EXACTLY what I did. I pushed myself harder than I knew I had energy for and left feeling proud and accomplished.

I forgot to mention that I got an email today about spin instructor certification training. I immediately signed up and although it wasn't exactly a top priority in my budget- I'm STOKED to be getting instructor training and taking a step towards accomplishing one of my goals for 2013! WoopWoop!

Let me tell you ALL...don't EVER forget that...

You're only one WORKOUT away from a good mood :)

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