Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I LOVE MY READERS! We're all in progress...


Living a healthy/fit/clean life in an unhealthy/unfit/messy world is not easy. Sure, in theory it's easy- workout, make clean foods and stick to a plan. But, it's not the reality. We are all living, breathing, science experiments and every person is different.

I have great days and HORRIBLE days. Some days I feel "good" and some I feel out of shape. I get hard on myself and I sabotage my own fitness/health journey (sub-consciously of course). I try to learn and research everything I can. I plan out my meals and workouts. But,sometimes it just doesn't go as planned. I hate feeling like I've let myself down but (truthfully-I know it's totally bad to think this way...) I also hate feeling like I've let my dietician and the instructors at my studio (my friends and mentors) down. Sometimes I try my BEST, sometimes I tell myself that I'm trying my best and sometimes I'm just trying.... I'm a work in progress. I make a lot of mistakes and I am the only one who can figure out how to get myself out of them. Even if I ask for help, there's no one else who can DO my LIFE for me. I'm a work in progress... a FIT GIRL IN PROGRESS!

These messages came to me today from readers- one about my recipes and one about my weightloss journey and both MADE my day. Thank you SO much for sharing my journey with me. It might be a crazy one- but it's mine...and I hope that I can help some of you along the way ;)


In regards to a recipe that I posted on FGiP:

Dear Fit Girl in Progress,
I wanted to make sloppy joes, you know easy - it's baseball season. I am grain and dairy free and wanted a paleo friendly version. I had tried another recipe about a month ago. It was bland and flat. After a quick google search, your recipe for Sloppy Jills came up. I made them tonight. Amazing. Your taste buds speak to me. I ate this over spaghetti squash - so good. I will make this again, and again, and again! Keep the fantastic recipes coming!
Lynn J.

In regards to this blog post about my journey:
Hey Fitgirl,
I'm Julia and I live in Australia and I found your blog and love it. I've been working my way through all your missives from the Fit Girl progress journey and this one struck a chord. the description of photos, being the fat one, and cardis in different colours is me too. But not any more. I lost a significant amount of weight over the last 4 years and now I've hit a plateau because of migraines, and the last 5 kilos of stubborn tummy fat. I do 4 dance classes a week and personal training with a gym trainer once a week. I also mostly, eat clean and lean, but sweets and coffee are my fallbacks. The lack of motivation or belief that I can be just fit, athletic and absolutely cute seems still just a little beyond me and its really bugging me as its preventing me from going to the gym and smashing out a workout (there are boys at that gym and they check my arse out every time). Hmm. If nothing else, its nice to find one other person on the planet who's tackling the problem with a positive attitude towards fitness! 

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