Sunday, June 30, 2013

Try yo best!

I KILLED my workouts today. I didn't do everything perfect- but I took quick breathers when needed and hopped back in....and I TRIED MY BEST...YO!

This morning, I walked 2 miles to the studio (due to Pride parade and my parking fiasco yesterday-walking was the best idea) and then took barre ..followed by Spin Shred.

Barre is getting better and better. It isn't easier- but I'm able to do more skills and push myself harder.
two wins:

  • I held a tabletop plank for the first time ever
  • I finally got strength to do tricep dips (not the modified version)

Before Spin Shred started, we were all sitting on our cycles talking about our love/hate relationship with various moves in cardio barre and ballet body. In particular, we discussed Michelle and Gina and how they have you doing moves that make you say, "SAY WHAT?!?!" Someone explained that Gina has an infectious personality and, "Even when you are dying with whatever move you're doing, she makes you think you're loving it!" I <3 my instructors!

Spin Shred had a really challenging shred portion. But, it felt really nice to get back on the cycle. I've been missing spin lately.

What did you do to sweat it out today?

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