Monday, June 24, 2013

Gettin' my strength back- yo

I took my first barre class, in way too long, on Saturday. I am determined to get my strength back and so I made it a priority to get to class this morning with Elena. My goal is to get to the barre 4+ times this week.

Well, today felt like it was my first barre class...ever. I had to stop so many times and give my thighs or glutes a rest. I had to shake it out and during our final abs section...I know you're so surprise...I even cried a bit. I just felt weak and upset at myself for losing my strength. But, I am being pro-active and workin' on it. I just need to KEEP with it. Right?

I did have another victory today- I wanted ice cream SO bad this afternoon. But, I ran into Trader Joes to get blueberries instead ;) WooHoo- trying to stay dedicated!

Tomorrow, I'm doing to be a little bit better at the barre than I was today. Only up from here!


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