Sunday, June 23, 2013

Taking Control

In my life, my weight has been a never ending struggle. I have been super heavy, I've been comfortable, I've lost it the unhealthy way and the healthy way. I've been obsessed and given healthy living my all and I've given up more times than I can count. Weight to me, isn't about a number. Most of the time now, I don't even use my scale.  Weight is about a feeling. I FEEL confident and more comfortable when I'm thinner and more fit looking.

Over the past few months, I've lost that feeling. I started losing my confidence and feeling very uncomfortable and I couldn't find the motivation that I once had to stick to my healthy-living ways. And, that...scared me. I have spent so much time over the past year trying to live my life the "right" way. I wanted eat perfectly (Paleo-which started mostly because of my food allergies) and workout religiously. I did it, for many months. I saw results. I stayed positive- and somewhere along the way I let go. I don't want to give up again. This isn't some fad diet and weight loss competition I'm in. It's about fitness, health and living happily. I don't want to give up on THAT.

So, I'm taking control. I need to remind myself that it's not about what you do occasionally- it's about what you do most of the time. It started to become that I was working out and eating balanced ocassionally and eating sugar and junk with little working out MOST of the time...the EXACT OPPOSITE of how I WANT to live my life!

With summer break officially here, I've begun my clean (balanced) eating and workouts again. I'm taking control in order to gain what I had started losing: myself. 

Happy Sunday, all! Thanks for the never ending support for my fellow Fit Girls. If I can do this, you can too! xo

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