Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's Start Over...

As some of my wonderful readers may know, I was out of commission for the last few weeks (3.5 weeks). I have stitches in my foot and the top of my leg (right where you sit down!!) and wasn't able to put on running shoes or sit on a spin bike for a while.

At first, I figured that I would make the best of my week or two off and still workout my abs and arms at home. I went out and got another set of weights and started doing my arm routines at home.

But, after one week- I was over it. To be completely honest...I was frustrated that I couldn't workout and I went back to a horrible habit that has haunted me from time to time in my life: eating for comfort. Double whammy! I couldn't workout and now I was eating at LEAST one sweet (even if it was gluten free) a day, not planning meals and most certainly not eating balanced. After 3 weeks of not eating right and not working out-while I was on vacation- I even got glutened by some random sweet I ate. That was the end. I realized that I couldnt' do this to my body anymore.

My nice smooth back and flattening stomach have completely gone fluffy and my stomach is a constant wreck from not eating properly. 3 weeks and s later, I hit the studio for spin class!

I'm back at it again! Although I didn't have control over not being able to do my hardcore workouts, I did have control over what I ate and doing strength work at home. However, I didn't do the positive things that I could've. Now...I'm starting over again. It reminds me of a quote...
I gave up for a period of time but..

Stay tuned this week for a series of posts on getting started again on a workout plan. If you've got the spring...let's be real...winter blues- you won't want to miss out! BUT- let's start with YOU, my readers, what's YOUR number one tip on starting a workout plan ?!

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