Saturday, March 30, 2013

5 things that make spin girls sweat!

1. "Endurance climb"
Oy! Those two words make a fit girl instantly SWEAT! Climbing for 5-10 minutes. Each time you hear, "...add it on.." You cringe and then push even harder than before!

2. Isolations
So, you're happily running in position two or three and suddenly your instructor shouts , "come on girl- keep those legs moving and the upper body still!" For some reason, I instantly break into a sweat. We're talking not just beads- buckets of sweat rolling down my face! Putting those legs to work, sans the help of the rest of your body, is a killer!

3. Jumps
Playing leap frog on a spin bike is a fit girls favorite game! There are so many combinations of this sweat inducing game- you can hop between one and two, one and three or two and three. The instructor can call our "down then up" or" up then down!" And... Counts vary between 1,2,4 and 8 in each position- so exciting! You've gotta keep your ears open or you'll be that girl left jumping when your lead Fit Girl infact has already said, "leave it down (cue sigh of relief, towels wiping sweat and water bottles poppin')!"

4. Circuits/intervals/ladders
Everytime we start intervals, the instructors shout out the game plan for the next 5-10 minutes. Truthfully, I'm usually so exhausted from whatever came before that all I hear is "womp, womp, womp..." However, one thing is for sure: you go from slightly sweating to drenched within the first 10 seconds! Intervals are like legitimate tricks on your body and brain- they never know what's coming next. Hence all of the sweat!

5. "Keep the resistant high and pick up that cadence! "
Picture being on a difficult climb: You're using all of your power to grind our those revolutions despite the resistance. Then, all of the sudden you hear, "Come on fit girls- pick up that pace ! Don't touch your red resistance knob!" Holy cow! It's like going from a ten to off the charts. I always feel winded, exhausted, tired and proud when I'm done with a fast paced climb!

What makes my other spin girls sweat?!

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