Saturday, March 23, 2013

Healthy Restart Spring Break: Day 1

Today was day 1 of my healthy restart Spring Break!

I am a teacher and therefore, I am fortunate enough to get a spring break! This year, I didn't make ANY plans...and I couldn't be more happy! I'm taking this time to relax and restart my healthy living.
There are multiple parts to living healthy- the most important for me:
  • consistent workout routines
  • planning ahead and sticking to a Paleo lifestyle
  • making sure that I take time to relax/for myself 
  • and getting enough sleep. 
I fully intend of working on all four during my break ;)

Today... I got my booty back to Fit Girl and took barre and spin.

Barre with Andi:
Andi is a ball of energy. I swear she could host workout DVDs. I had a little bit of a tough time doing the excersizes that involved pointing my foot (because I had stitches in it and it's still tight). But, I did try my best. I walked out of class during glutes because I just couldn't point anymore. I felt bad- it always bothers me when others seem like they're taking a break to just slack off. If you really NEED it, I totally understand. But, I always think to myself, "I know it's hard. It's hard for me too. But, we all come to class for the same reason- to be pushed and get results." Am I wrong? At any rate, my first class back wasn't too bad!
Postive sidenote: I could still use my grey weights and was VERY proud of myself for that! WooHoo!

Spin with Sarah:
Sarah added a lot of fun elements into one class. We switching off in teams for sprints and "raced" against each other. We also did a circuit/ladder. I really felt good in spin class today. I truly LOVE spin and getting a nice cardio workout in. I always leave feeling like I've accomplished so much.

After an afternoon of relaxing with my husband, and taking a nap, I just had a nice dinner with my family. I made great choices and I'm heading to bed pretty early. Tomorrow starts day 2 of my Healthy Restart Spring Break!

Have you ever been able to take time to dedicate it solely to getting back into a healthy lifestyle? What are your tips?

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