Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Workin those arms, baby!

As I walked into my 12:15 spin class today, at Fit Girl Studio, I was already excited due to the sheer fact that I could workout mid-day because I'm on spring break!

When I went into the spin studio, I got my bike set up and started warming up. Elizabeth came in and asked if I could switch bikes because we were going to workout our arms and I might not have enough room by being so close to the wall. The class was pretty light, it was a class at noon and I'm sure most people were working, so it was totally fine. I switched bikes and got set-up again. I still didn't know what she meant by needing that much room to workout our arms.

About halfway through Elizabeth's first spin class at Fit Girl (she typically teaches Barre and yoga) I was breathing hard and sweating like crazy! Finally, she announced that we're doing to start a crazy arm workout. We began by doing two variations of pushups on the bikes. Then, we got back in the saddle in position one and started with our arms out to the sides. I never knew my arms could be so sore without weights! I can't even explain it. My arms was like jello before I even finished. I was shaking the soreness out immediately! AWESOME CLASS, Elizabeth!

What did I learn from class? Fittttt girlllllllls (and guys) don't ever be ashamed of what weights you use or even if you don't' use weights at all during arm workouts. From now on, I know that you can a workout from the exercises even without weights!

on that note...this made me laugh ;)

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