Monday, March 25, 2013

Healthy Restart Spring Break: Day 3

It's pretty darn happy when you're on SPRING BREAK!

  • I started my morning with an awesome breakfast at Bakin' and Eggs with a friend who was visiting from NYC.
  • After that, I relaxed at home ALL day until I went to Spin at Fit Girl.
  •  It's funny because Sarah has been teaching so much lately that I've taken 3 classes with her in 3 days. Even better- no two classes are the same with Ms. Sarah! Today it was a full class of circuits! In the middle of the first circuit, I looked at the monitor and couldn't believe that it had ONLY been 14 minutes since class started. I was a hot sweaty mess! But, by the end of class- it felt like time had just flown by! And that's an awesome thing- even when you do love your workouts. I pushed myself REALLY hard today. I am not new to spinning and I know my limits. Today, I went into class with the intention of really pushing myself with resistance and still keeping my pace up. The result of my hard work could be seen dripping down me face (cue music with mental image: I'm Sexy and I know it...)
  • This evening, my husband and I headed to Kuma's Too for the first time (two meals out in one day- feeling like my old city-girl self again). I tried out a delicious burger- the High on Fire- (sans the bun) and a side salad. It was AWESOME!
Looking forward to getting double workouts in tomorrow! What's on your fitness agenda for Tuesday?!

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