Sunday, March 24, 2013

Healthy Restart Spring Break -Day 2

This morning, I headed to spin class with two intentions
focus on myself and only myself
Sometimes, it's easy to head to a class and be concerned about those around you. It doesn't happen to me often. But, I'm at a point where I'm restarting my program and ...yeah...I'm self-conscious about my body and my performance. I went into class today and told myself that I wouldn't worry about anyone else. I sat down, got my posture right and was ready to roll. I didn't even notice who was sitting by me and honestly...that was a great feeling!
push myself to MY limits
No one can tell you how far to go. Your 10 might be someones 7 and that's fine. In the same respect, someone else might be pushing themselves to their limit and your max is much further away. Today I set the intention to push myself with resistance, cadence and keeping perfect posture. The end result: a big sweaty mess!
...and I left feeling AMAZING!

Don't ever forget to go into any workout with a solid intention. You'll get more out of your time and effort and the results will shine!

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