Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cleveland Yoga

This past weekend I was headed to our annual family party in Cleveland. My cousin suggested that while the guys were golfing we could hit up a yoga class. My cousins go to Cleveland Yoga regularly and really like their hot yoga (not Bikram) classes. But, I haven't really been practicing yoga that much lately and my other cousin (Tiffany) wanted to take a beginner class. I was game! We both signed up as a drop-in ($15- which is also the price of a 1 week unlimited for new clients).

We signed up for the 8:30 basic yoga class on Saturday. We got there a bit early and were the first ones in the room. There were cubbies (not lockers, though) at the front. You also were responsible for bringing your own mat and towel (I've gotten really spoiled by free mats and towels at Fit Girl). We signed a waiver and headed into the studio.

We were the first ones in the class and noticed the guide lines on the floor. I've never seen that before! We took a spot in the back and sat on our mats. Right when class was about to start- BAM- the room was PACKED! We even had to move our mats over to make room for people.

The instructor started in the front of the room with some basic moves. The start of the class (15-20 minutes) was all introduction and learning basic moves. At that point, I thought it was going to be super boring, to be honest. After the start, we went through a flow and I was in a familiar spot. The instructor did a nice job of circling the room and giving verbal corrections but no hands-on adjustments.

The only downfall? We hadn't signed up for a hot class but we happened to look over at the air and it was at 89 degrees. We were all DRIPPING sweat! The instructor even announced, "Well- it's hotter in here than in the hot studio today!" I forgot my towel and I was really wishing I had it after about 20 minutes!

I enjoyed the class and if I lived in Cleveland I would probably do some drop-in classes. Thanks Seth for introducing us to a new studio!

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