Sunday, July 7, 2013

Spin Shred did it again!

Spin Shred...oh how I love to love you!

I took Spin Shred with Liz yesterday and my legs are on fire today. Now, you'd think it would be my arms because of the crazy arm circuit...but as of yet they're feeling okay!

My legs are a different story. Maybe it was the heel-click squats, or the squat into side kicks.Oh, or maybe it was just the 40 minutes of spin included in class. Oy!

At the start of class, I was chatting with a friend (don't worry it before BEFORE class started) and then Liz starts her welcome chat. She tells us that we've got a great class with great music and a killer arm series that's sure to burn... a fellow fit girl and I locked eyes and started laughing. Liz looked at us and had a huge grin. She wasn't lying!Our arm series was killer and had many people dropping to their lightest weights or no weights at all. The very last series we ALL did without weights and it was STILL a killer! Sometimes I wish that we could have our macho guy-friends, boyfriends and husbands come in and attempt to do our workouts with "little weights" and see how they feel haha. I am SURE they couldn't keep up!

Well played Spin Shred...I'm sore. You did it again!

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