Wednesday, July 10, 2013

OhhmmmmM! I went with the flow

I've been at Fit Girl since the fall but somehow I had never taken Yoga Flow...until last night! I have had a very wonky schedule lately and haven't been able to get to many classes. I typically prefer to go to morning or early evening class (early evening are out during the summer due to working) instead of late class. I got to the studio a little bit early and grabbed a mat and block. Andrea was all smiles and excited that I was finally trying her class!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I've taken Spin Flow, Sculpt Fusion Yoga and Restorative Yoga but...generally speaking...I've never found yoga to be "my thing." But, after signing up for a yoga class (at Cleveland Yoga) with my cousins this weekend I figured I should take a class here first.

I LOVED IT! Class started with a group "Ohmm" and moved into some stretching. I was actually very comfortable with many of the postures and even had a lot of experience with most of them from my other classes. The flow section was familiar because of Sculpt Fusion Yoga (with Lindsey).

I even attempted a posture that I had never heard of before and seemed very hard:
Flip Dog starts off in downward dog. Then, you lift a leg straight back and into the air. Next, you bend the knee isnt a tabletop/shelf position and gently release you body around to "flip" and rest the other leg onto the floor. 

I had a super embarrassing moment (although no one flinched and no one made me feel bad)- we were all against the wall doing stretches up the wall and then had the option to go into a back bend/leg lift. I was able to do it and hold it until I fatigued. When I got fatigued I took a break and started it again. The second time, when I came down, I didn't straighten my legs. Instead, I came into a tuck position which made me slam my heels into the wall and make a loud BOOM! Oops! Andrea asked if I was okay and assured me, "The wall isn't going anywhere." Whew! I was so embarrassed!

At any rate, Thanks Andrea for helping me give yoga another shot! I'll be back on my mat soon ;)

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