Saturday, November 2, 2013

Back to square zero

I'm back to square zero.

I could say square one, because I do have the knowledge of what to do to get back to the healthy me-- but I truly feel like I am starting ALL over again. Sigh.

So, what happened? How did I gain 15-20 lbs back and lose all muscle tone and strength? I stopped. I had some health issues starting in June and I was nervous to work out- so I stopped. I felt sad and frustrated and didn't exactly emotionally eat. I wasn't stuffing my face, but I ate "normal." I didn't stick to Paleo and most certainly indulged in more than my fair share of dairy and sugary sweets. I had surgery back in September and I got SO MANY amazing gluten free cupcakes. And, guess what? I ate them ALL. And, when they were gone...I got more. This, my how you gain 15 lbs easily. It's really pretty easy. Don't work out, don't stick to your nutritional plan and indulge in sweets whenever you feel like it. Oh, and I forgot-- stop taking your vitamins and drinking enough water. That will make you feel just about as good as gaining the weight in the first place did.

So, here I the vicious cycle that is attempting to be healthy, fit and happy. As I have posted many times before. For me, personally, all three of those go hand-in-hand. And, part of MY happiness is being healthy and fit. Over the past 5 months- I have done everything but create those healthy and fit habits to keep myself happy.

...I'm in progress and slowly starting to get it all back together. How?

I joined a new gym (although, I do miss Fit Girl Studio!) and started working with Kelly ( on my nutrition again. I'm cutting out sugar and dairy 100% again on top of my wheat/gluten- because I FELT good when I did. I'm 2 days back on track with my eating and now forcing a workout routine is looking to be a big challenge. I need to just do it, but- it's easier said than done.

How is everyone doing now that the weather is getting cooler? If you've fallen off, or not, get back on and share the journey with me!

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